Welcome to Holloway House

Welcome to Holloway House

Welcome to Holloway HouseWelcome to Holloway HouseWelcome to Holloway House

Holloway House Learning Center

Holloway House Learning Center is a full academic program for Pre-kindergarten (four-year-olds) and Kindergarten (five-year-olds) rather than a social care facility. Located conveniently on the southeast side of Cedar Rapids, it seeks to serve Christian families who desire a balanced and solid educational start for their children.

Holloway House was established in 1981 by Marie Holloway. Teacher & Director for the program is Carol Green. She has her BA in Elementary Education, Reading Endorsement, K-12 Talented and Gifted Endorsement and MS in K-12 Administration with over 28 years teaching experience.

Academic Excellence



Writing begins with the correct letter formation, phonetic spelling and sentence structure. Many students progress to story writing. 



Our foundational approach to reading includes a strong emphasis on phonics, visual/spatial cues (Picture Me Reading curriculum) and high frequency sight vocabulary, which encourages independent reading. This method allows each child to move along at his own speed. 



Mathematics begins with a foundation of basic math concepts. Our curriculum presents math in everyday life situations through learning games, drills and problem solving. 

Setting us Apart


Christian Emphasis

Learning at Holloway House will be "Christ Centered." Biblical truths, so vital in the formative years, are woven throughout the total learning program. These truths become the basis for encouraging concepts of self-worth and self-discipline. Bible time is the high point of the day. Bible truths are taught through exciting Bible stories and application lessons. This approach helps relate the truths to situations and problems even younger children have.

Music and Stage Performance

The Bible lessons students learn are shared through our Christmas and Spring programs. Students develop confidence and self-esteem when they find they can get up in front of an audience to sing and speak. They work with musicians and soundtracks, learn to use microphones and follow stage directions. 

Physical and Social Skills

Free play and organized games offer opportunity to mature in physical and social skills. 

Who is Eligible?


Four and five year old children who meet the September 15th Iowa Department of Education birthday requirements are eligible for enrollment. Classes are limited in size. Pre-kindergarten has 10-12 students, kindergarten has 12-15 students per class. Each class has two teachers, so we have a very low student to teacher ratio. Holloway House Learning Center admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin.

Holloway House Goals and Curriculum Overview

Holloway House Learning Center offers a 2 year structured academic program in a Christian environment. It is SELECTED by parents who specifically desire this type of teacher directed academic program rather than a more loosely structured social/ play program. It capitalizes on the high interest that children of this age have in learning to read. It is our belief that preventative education is better than corrective education and that a good foundation NOW will only enhance their learning in years to come.

Holloway House has had a very high success rate in terms of teaching children to read, write and do basic math skills. Children finishing the 2 year program are reading on at least a first grade level and many are at 2nd and 3rd grade reading levels. They are usually highly motivated children coming from well-parented families. They receive help and encouragement from home and are looking for the challenge that reading offers.